In this video I will show you how to design a landing page to help sell your products or services online!

Creating a landing page allows you to capture sales and emails at the same time. The landing page software also integrates with your email marketing platform so that you may start your potential customers on an email marketing campaign as soon as you get their email address. As a result, this method will help you increase customer engagement, trust and overall… sales.

How to Design A Landing Page/Squeeze Page sales funnel for your online store. Pt1.

There Industry we will be creating with page for… Barbers/Hair Care. Nonetheless, you can use this strategy for any industry.

How can a landing page help your Barber business?: A landing page can help you Increase sales of specific products in your barbershop or online store while generating leads for retargeting and remarketing though a reliable email marketing campaign. As a result, turning one time customers into repeat shoppers. Also, to build better business to customer relationships though automatic engagements from business to consumers via email or text msg.

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Tools You’ll Need (Use My Links)

SamCart Homepage:

SamCart’s Landing Page software has been proven to Increase sales of specific products and generate leads for email marketing campaigns, ultimately helping to grow your online business. Building a landing page is easy. First you need landing page software like SamCart or Clickfunnels. If you already have web design skills I recommend wordpress. Creating a landing page allows you to capture sales and emails at the same time.

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In, conclusion, the best landing pages have call to actions like countdown timers, coupon integrations, and drag and drop features that make designing your page seamless. Weather you are looking to design a wix landing page, mailchimp landing page or any kind of ecommerce landing page, I can help.

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